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Sons Of Korah - Psalm 1 Lyrics and Chords

A                       G                      D                     E   Blessed is the man, the man who does not walk, in the counsel of the wicked A                               G                          D                         E Blessed is the man, who doesn't stand in the sinner’s way, or sit in the seat of the mocker.                 A   G     D                     A    D     A Blessed

Louis Chedid - La Belle Lyrics and Chords

Bbm                              Ebm  Je préfère mourir en buvant la tasse  Bbm                  Ebm  Que de finir à Alcatraz.  F                           Bbm  Me faire bouffer par les requins  F                            Ebm    Que d'être mordu par leurs chiens.  Bbm                            Ebm  Pour qui ne connaît que la brasse  Bbm                               Ebm  New-York c'est pas la

Trey Songz - Slow Motion Lyrics and Chords

~INTRO~ (Dm C F Gm) x2 ~VERSE~ Dm                  C                  F Gm I know you got all dressed up for the club Dm           C                F  Gm Waiting on them to come pick you up      Dm C      F            Gm Baby, when I saw ya walking out the door Dm C   F                Gm I just knew ya needed something more Dm C                               F Gm Now whip it straight back to the

He Is We - Radio Lyrics and Chords

Em                     C He grew up just a little too fast G                       D Lost and needs it's on his past Em              C I can hear him hummin' G                  D From the other side of the room Em             C Guess he's got rhythm G                D Cause he hums every time he's blue Ohhhhhhhh. Em Radio, C Bleed me a melody G                  D That will make this boy cry Em

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Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown - Don't Kill The Fun Lyrics and Chords

INTRO (Abm C#m A) x4 Abm C#m               A Baby don't kill, the fun (I won't) Abm       C#m                       A This ain't love until we say it's done (alright)     Abm     C#m         A It's your life, go ahead, do what you choose Abm      C#m          A Put me in your, your favorite mood Abm    C#m                A Oh baby, don't kill the vibe Abm         C#m                 A Turn it

Sevyn Streeter - Don't Kill The Fun Lyrics and Chords

Sevyn Streeter - Don't Kill The Fun (feat. Chris Brown) |||||INTRO||||| (Abm C#m A) x4 Abm C#m               A Baby don't kill, the fun (I won't) Abm       C#m                       A This ain't love until we say it's done (alright)     Abm     C#m         A It's your life, go ahead, do what you choose Abm      C#m          A Put me in your, your favorite mood Abm    C#m                A Oh

Kid Ink - Ride Out Lyrics and Chords

Kid Ink - Ride Out (feat. Tyga, Wale, YG) F#m Came in at first, had bad luck Got a whole lot, remember I ain't had nothin' We done sold out, now everybody mad at me Tell 'em roll out, now everybody smashin' Get ready cause you know we 'bout to be a problem Hope you ready cause you know it 'bout to be a problem      F#m            D It's the only way we know to go Squad up, never roll alone    

Fall Out Boy - Irresistible Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Bm D A Em         Bm                       D  Coming in unannounced, drag my nails on the tile         A  I just follow your scent                 Em  You can't just follow my smile       Bm                     D  Your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine          A  Cutting me to the bone          Em  Nothing left to leave behind            Bm                          D  You wanna

Jhené Aiko - Spotless Mind Lyrics and Chords

F#m D  A  D D                            A  D                                        A   Change is inevitable   Why hold on to what you have to let go of?                              D                                  A Like, did I really break your heart? Was it all my fault?            D                                                 F#m If you don't knock it off You know like I know where

Nicky Jam - El Perdón Lyrics and Chords

              Em Dime si es verdad                           C Me dijeron que te estas casando                            G Tú no sabes como estoy sufriendo                        D Esto te lo tengo que decir       Em Cuéntame                           C Tu despedida para mi fue dura                         G Será que te llevo a la luna                       D Y yo no supe hacerlo así

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You Lyrics and Chords

Bb F C   F            Bb I really wanna stop                        F But I just gotta taste for it                     C                          C I feel like I could fly with the ball on the moon    F             Bb                            F So honey hold my hand, you like making me wait for it                     C                       C   F I feel like I could die walking up to the room

Soviet Suprem - Rongrakatikatong Lyrics and Chords

[Refrain] Am               Em       B7           Em Ummm Rakatikatikatikatong Rakatikatong Rakatikatong Am               Em            B7           Em Ummm Rakatikatikatikatong Rakatikatong uh Donderaï [Couplet 1: ]        Am                         Em                  B7                     Em Ta tantine t'a quitté, t'es tout dégouté, tenté de te tuer, de tout oublier, de sauter du toit Am

Iggy Azalea - Trouble Lyrics and Chords

Iggy Azalea - Trouble (faet. Jennifer Hudson) Intro:     G   G/B    A7    C (x3)     Em7   G/B    A7   G       G Right                     G/B I shoulda known you were bad news A7                  C              G From the bad boy demeanor and the tattoos                     G/B Cause most guys only want one thing A7                  C                      G But I'm undecided, tryna figure out

Magic - No Way No Lyrics and Chords

Gm, Cm, F, Bb  x2    Gm         Cm Hey baby, baby                  F                    Bb Your heart's too big to be treated small                 Gm                Cm So please don't blame me, blame me                      F                       Bb For trying to be the one who could have it all                    Gm            Bb You know that it's stupid, stupid                   F

Alesso feat. Roy English - Cool Lyrics and Chords

      D                              Bm I saw stars on the pavement F#m                  E California dreams       D                                          Bm Looked up through the bright lights F#m                  E No skies that I see       D                              Bm You said it’s all yours if you take it there       F#m                E I said I can’t do it alone I swear       D

Alesso - Cool Lyrics and Chords

Alesso - Cool (feat. Roy English)       D                              Bm I saw stars on the pavement F#m                  E California dreams       D                                          Bm Looked up through the bright lights F#m                  E No skies that I see       D                              Bm You said it’s all yours if you take it there       F#m                E I said I

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1: C                                  Bb                 F We can dance if we want to we can leave your friends behind                                    Bb Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance              C             G Well they're no friends of mine      C                                          Bb              F I say, we can go where we want to a place where

Rebekka Karijord - Multicolored Hummingbird Lyrics and Chords

INTRO:   D  D  G  Bm  G  D VERSE:                D I don't wanna sing I'd rather be the song I don't wanna sing                                           I'd rather be the song                    G Locked inside my chest                        Bm Shut down for far too long                   G Finally getting heard                D Multicolored hummingbird CHORUS: Em Oh oh oh oh oh A take me

Eric Clapton - Layla Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

     C#                            G# What will you do when you get lonely C#          G       A        B With nobody waiting by your side C#          F#          B               E You've been running and hiding much too long, C#            F#                B You know it's just your foolish pride. CHORUS:                                       E  Dm   A#      C           Dm Layla,  you got me on

Over The Rhine - Later Days Lyrics and Chords

C      G/D                    Am       G/D What a beautiful piece of heartache C         G/D                  Am   G/D This has all turned out to be C           G/D                     Am    G/D   Lord knows we've learned the hard way    C            G/D          Am   All about healthy apathy F               C              F     G/D And I use these words pretty loosely F                C

Francis Cabrel - Sarbacane Lyrics and Chords

C                 F7                       C  On croyait savoir tout sur l'amour Depuis toujours  Nos corps par cœur et nos cœurs au chaud          G7                 Dans le velours  C                C7  Et puis te voilà bout de femme, Comme  F7  Soufflée d'une sarbacane  C                  G7             C  Le ciel a même un autre éclat, Depuis toi  C                           F7  Les hommes

Thierry Hazard - Le Jerk Lyrics and Chords

               Em         A  Toute la journée au téléphone         Em             A  Ou à taper à la machine               D              Bm  Les yeux rivés sur sa Kelton            Em                   A  Joséphine attend qu'ça s'termine                Em                       A  Elle se dit qu'avec son tour de poitrine         Em             A  Oh du genre Dolly Parton                D

Gilbert Montagne - Les Sunlights Des Tropiques Lyrics and Chords

G G2 G                      Bm Vivre sous l'equateur du Bresil                  Am Entre Cuba et Manille                          C/D A l'heure d'ete c'est facile                              G  G2 G Prends-moi la main, viens danser                        Bm J'ai du soleil sur la peau                           Am J'ai dans le coeur un bongo                         Cm J'ai dans la tete un oiseau

Hymnal - Let Others See Jesus In You Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1:          G                 C While passing thro' this world of sin       G          A7         D7 And others your life shall view      G               C Be clean and pure without, within       G         D7       G Let others see Jesus in you      Refrain:       G                 D7 Let others see Jesus in you                          G Let others see Jesus in you         C

John Denver - Let It Be Lyrics and Chords

A  E  F#m  D  D6  A E  D  C#m/D  D6  A         A              E When I find myself in times of trouble  F#m          D           D6 Mother Mary comes to me   A                E              D C#m/D D6 A Speaking words of wisdom, let it be     A              E And in my hour of darkness          F#m                D           D6 She is standing right in front of me   A                E

Sleeping At Last - Saturn Lyrics and Chords

intro: Em C G D      Em            C        G               D You taught me the courage of stars before you left      Em           C       G               D How light carries on endlessly, even after death       Em           C            G             D With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite      Em           C     G            D How rare and beautiful it is to even exist

Clash - Londons Burning Lyrics and Chords

INTRO:               G                G                London's burning, London's burning G F C D X4 VERSE 1: G              F     C              F      G           F            C        F All across the town, all across the night, everybody's driving with full headlights G                  F           C            F             G Black or white you turn it on, you face the new religion,

Johnny Burnette And The Rock N Roll Trio - Lonesome Train Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1           E                   E Lonesome train on a lonesome track                               B7 I'm going away, ain't coming back               E                  A7 I'm going somewhere far from my baby                 B7                  E On a lonesome train, on a lonesome track Verse 2              E                   E A lonesome train on a lonesome track               E

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Ungu - Pogo Pogo Lyrics and Chords

INTRO : C...... F  G C  Am  F  G C  Am  Dm  G C  Am  Dm  G C  Am  Dm  G             C                           Am Dikala hatimu sedang dilanda kalut             Dm                                     G Terasa sepi hidup segan mati tak mau                     C          A                                          Dm        G Gundah gulana seakan semesta membencimu...no.no.no.... C            

Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Sierra Madre Lyrics and Chords

 C                                        G Wenn der Morgen kommt und die letzten Schatten vergehn,                                               C schaun die Menschen der Sierra hinauf zu den sonnigen Höhn,                                     G schaun hinauf wo der weiße Kondor so einsam zieht,                                      C wie ein Gruß an die Sonne erklingt ihr altes Lied.

Veronica Maggio - Låtsas Som Det Regnar Lyrics and Chords

C                F     Det har regnat i dagar Em                 G Det regnar och det slutar alldrig C                F Det regnar genom kragen Em                G Står lutad mot en stenstaty F           Em      F        G Ser sovande svanar, ser våta fasader F           Em         F         G Och ödsliga parker där vi gick runt                      F       C Om du visste vad det var        Em

Schmidbauer Und Kälberer - Aufgebn Werd Am Schluss Lyrics and Chords

Em                                   C        In letzta Zeit duad da oft as Greitz wäh Em                                             Am    G    C und wenn’st de Treppn oba laffst dann spührst as in de Knia Em                                                         C   De Dog wearn mehra wost da denkst woas is des blos für a Scheiß hey    G                       D            Am     G     C Du

Semisonic - Act Naturally Lyrics and Chords

Bb                             F                                   Cm   Gm   Our little secret just might be the kind of thing that you can't hide      Bb                             F                         Cm   Gm It's growing like a tangled vine & rising like a river in the tide     Bb                      F And everybody knew when you walked into the room Cm                        Gm I was

Imagine Dragons - All Eyes Lyrics and Chords

C Everything you say is just a lie and now I'm leaving G To the city where the people are awake to chase a dream            Am That isn't real and we 'posed to be somethin' that we're not              F Just wanna change a lot And sign our name after the dot C Everything you see is just a century of anarchy      G All my corresponding colors that symbolize the things we can attest, Am Arrange,

Faizal Tahir - Antigraviti Lyrics and Chords

G                           Bm Saat graviti lepaskan ku pergi                 D                  G           F#/Dsus      G      Bm Meninggalkan semua terbang ku tinggi                  D Ku mula semua baru Bridge:  G    Bm    D   A               G Bebas berlari Bm Waktu yang takkan menunggu D                               A Walau jauh ku tetap milikmu                G Mahu ku satu Bm    Mahu

Housefires - Unto Your Name Lyrics and Chords

intro  G G Em C    Verse G                                Em     C Mighty in battle, perfect in love G                                Em     C Awesome in wonder, faithful and just G                                Em     C Matchless in mercy, wisdom and strength G                                Em     C You can be trusted in all of your ways Pre Chorus G Oh you are holy D oh king of glory Em

Elvis Presley - Any Day Now Lyrics and Chords

INTRO  D Dsus2  D D7  D6 D  Dsus4   D Dsus2  G    Em    VERSE G   Any day now   Bm   I will hear you say     C Goodbye my love C                 C#dim7 You'll be on your way         G/D            Gaug/D# Then my wild beautiful bird               Em      Cm You will have flown     G/D Any day now (Any day now)              C/D I'll be all alone (I'll be all alone) C/D             G Oh, oh, oh,

Foreigner - As Long As I Live Lyrics and Chords

Introdução: (Fm) Bbm   Db Ab                  Bbm   Db Ab               Bbm I see you in my dreams                      Db You feel so close to me         Ab              Bbm There's nowhere in this world                     Db That I would rather be   Ab            Bbm Forever in this moment                   Db Forever in this dream Ab             F#                           Bbm   'Cause,

Dave Bilbrough - As We Seek Your Face Lyrics and Chords

VERSE 1: C      G    D/F#  G  As we seek Your  face        Em     Bm   C2 May we know   Your heart           C   D        Em   C Feel Your pre-sence ac-cept-ance       G    D     G As we seek Your  face VERSE 2: C      G    D/F#  G  Move a-mong us   now         Em     Bm   C2 Come re-veal  Your  power           C    D        Em   C Show Your pres-ence ac-cept-ance       G     D     G Move

Who - Baba O Riley Lyrics and Chords

Intro:   F      C   A#  F      C   A#  F      C   A#  F      C   A#  F      C   A#    C F        C      A# Out here in the fields, F       C      A# I fight for my meals; F        A#           C  F I get my back into my living F       C       A# I don't need to fight, F        C   A# to prove I'm right F       A#            C  F I don't need to be forgiven,           C    A#    C F yeah yeah

The Handsome Family - Up Falling Rock Hill Lyrics and Chords

A,D,A A                               D                 A Up Falling Rock Hill where the leaves swoop like bats A                              D            A I shot my brother William five times in the back A                              D           A "Have mercy, have mercy, dear brother" he cried A                             D            A But the wind had no mercy and neither did I E

Flatt And Scruggs - Ballad Of Jed Clampett Lyrics and Chords

A     D  E E        A A     D  D# E        A          A                          D         E Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed E                                       A Poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed A                   D                D# Then one day he was shooting at some food,     E                                     A And up through the ground come a bubbling

This Beautiful Republic - Beautifully Broken Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1 G                      A     Bm I was fallen from the first G                   Bm     A I am not a stranger to        the darkness G                        A     Bm Walked the road of prodigals                     G           G     A     Bm And crawled upon my knees    to You Verse 2 G                       A     Bm From the ashes and the dirt G                           Bm    A You

Ungu - Andai Aku Bisa Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: A                                        F#m Terlalu cepat kau pergi meninggalkanku D                             A                 E Saat diriku terlalu mencintaimu A                                   F#m Terlalu banyak cerita yang kau tinggalkan D                                     A                         E Saat ku dekat saat bahagia denganmu A Andai aku bisa memutar waktu F#m Andai

Scorpions - Delirious Lyrics and Chords

Intro: C#m   B  F# (3X)              C#m   B F#            C#   B F#                 She's got the look that starts a fire          C#m   B F#                  C#   B F# I must admit I follow every move she makes              C#m   B F#       C#m   B F# She’s got the touch of cool desire        C#m   B F#                 C#m   B F# It’s a game that I really love to play              B

Icon For Hire - Up In Flames Lyrics and Chords

Am I don't wanna say what I got on my mind Am 'Cause nothing tonight wants to come out on time F The truth is I'd rather sit out and unwind D Let somebody else tell their story this time Am I wonder what happened to give me the right Am To step on a platform and pick up a mic F And tell you the way to be living your life D 'Cause all my credentials were lies F                          D You've

Mumford And Sons - Believe Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Bm A Bm You may call it in this evening            A              But you've only lost the nigh Bm Present all your pretty feelings A May they comfort you tonight Bm And I'm climbing over something A And I'm running through these walls              G I don't even know if I believe              D I don't even know if I believe              Bm I don't even know if I believe

Bangladeshi Folk - Bhalo Koria Bajao Go Dotara Lyrics and Chords

Am            C                 G                  Am Bhalo Koria   Bajao Go Dotara   Shundori Komola    Nache A                 C               Dm                E Shundori Komola   Chorone Nupur   Rini-Jhini koria  baje re A                C              Dm                E Shundori Komola  Porone Sariya  Rode Jhol-mol     Kore re. A                 C           Dm             E Shundori

Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned I Think She Knows Interlude Lyrics and Chords

Fm She grabs the yellow bottle Fm She likes the way it hits her lips Fm She gets to the bottom Fm                       A#m      It sends her on a trip so right A#m                             Fm She might be goin' home with me tonight Fm She looks like a model Fm Except she's got a little more ass Fm Don't even bother Fm                               A#m Unless you've got that thing she likes

Lewis Watson - Made Up Love Song 43 Lyrics and Chords

Intro: C    Cmaj7 Yes, I believe you (8x) Verse 1: C                                                   Cmaj7 I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do               F Now there's poetry in an empty coke can C                                                   Cmaj7 I love you through sparks and shining dragons I do               F                         G Now there's majesty in a

Egotrippi - Uusi Aamu Lyrics and Chords

Intro: A      G#m  F#m     E A      G#m  F#m E      Esus4      E     Esus4 E      Esus4      E     Esus4 Verse 1:          E              Esus4 verhojen raoista tulvii valo             E           Esus4 ja jokaisen surkean neliön       A         G#m tästä asunnosta täyttää    A              G#m ja kaikesta päätellen    E              Esus4 ei tullut maailmanloppu        E             Esus4

St Paul And The Broken Bones - Broken Bones And Pocket Change Live Lyrics and Chords

[Verse 1] F#         Dm Young love has made me old B                   Gm Tired restless and blue F#           Dm When it comes and she goes B        Gm Says goodbye to my poor soul Am           Gm Broken bones and pocket change Am                   Gm Is all she left me with [Verse 2] F#           Dm Reckless love has made me cold B                    Gm Worn down just like shoes F#

Florida Georgia Line - Man I Am Today Lyrics and Chords

Intro Cadd9  G  Em  D Cadd9  G  D   D Cadd9            G    Its a kiss from Katie on the swing set, Em           D  when I was in 3rd grade Cadd9            G  Teacher makin me sit from recess, D             D  when I would mis-behave Cadd9                  G  Its a long haul to see my grandma, Em          D  during the holidays Cadd9          G  I can tell my momma loved Jesus, D

Govt Mule - Captured Lyrics and Chords

F#m                     B Never wanted to be swept away F#m                     B I thought I might lose myself F#m                       B            D7      C#m  Em Nobody told me there'd be music, sweet music F#m                     B Now I got that sinking feeling F#m                      B Though I try to brace myself F#m                     B               D7        C#m I can feel me start

Sakha - Mutiara Hati Lyrics and Chords

Intro : Dm F Bb G - A                Dm            F Wo uwo uwo uwo u wo uwoo                     Bb                     G   - A Wo uuwoo uwoo uwo wo uwoo       Dm                  A Ku rindu kasih sayangmu                          ,    Dm Kau pergi tinggalkanku           Gm            F Masih lekat di hati ini                   Bb            A Kau bilang ku mutiara hati        Dm

Covi Quintana - Contigo Quiero Todo Lyrics and Chords

Gm Ab Gm Eb Bb Eb                               Bb   Cuento historias sobre lo que quiero Ab       Bb                                             Eb       Ab   Bb Tu voz, hablando en lo profundo de mi alma Cm                              Bb Cuento historias sobre lo que quiero Ab                     Bb                  Cm        Ab   Bb Dámelo dámelo dame, lo que quiero Fm

Wolfgang Petry - Verlieben Verloren Vergessen Verzeihen Lyrics and Chords

                  D             A         G              D 1. Du gingst von mir in einer Stunde, es war die Stunde null.                       A             G                  A     Ich hatte meinen Tiefpunkt, du nahmst mir vieles krumm.          D                                A     Auf einmal da war keiner mehr da und half mir, auch nicht Du !            D                   G                D

Scorpions - Crazy Ride Lyrics and Chords

Intro:  Bbm  F#  C#  G#  (4X)         Fm         Ebm   Ebm7  (4X) Ebm A nameless band back in ‘65                    Ebm7 It feels like yesterday   Ebm I met some friends and went for a ride                    Ebm7 To rock the nights away Bbm    F#      C#  G#       The sixties revolution Bbm      F#      C#  G#    Just caught me on the spot Bbm     F#       C#  G#    That Rock ‘n‘ Roll

Caravan Of Thieves - Monster Lyrics and Chords

Dm A7 Dm A7 Dm A7 Gm7 A Bb A7 This is gory, this is tragic D A7 This is just another story for the young lovers Dm A7 On a slab down in the basement, in the laboratory Gm7 A There's a new subject under the cover Dm A7 I recall the mindless days before the transformation Dm A7 Before the amputation of Dm My heart and frontal lobe A7 Gm7 The probe that reached inside my nose and crawled up the

Songs Ohia - Cross The Road Molina Lyrics and Chords

Am    F             Am                      F wolf headed conjurour in the cross roads                Am                                F green eyes and alien chant brought the lightning down        Am                       F set my pulse to the short waves pulse        Am                       F set my pulse to the great lakes pulse               Am                      F to wreath the moon in

Jacco Gardner - Outside Forever Lyrics and Chords

INTRO Fmaj7 Em     A     Bbmaj7 / x2 VERSE 1 Fmaj7    Em      A     Bbmaj7  I'll be waiting, only waiting Fmaj7   Em   A          Bbmaj7  If you ever, feel like changing Fmaj7     Em      A           Bbmaj7  Time has told me, where this can go Fmaj7     Em   A        Bbmaj7  Now it's over, for the sake of.. PRE-CHORUS Ebm  Ab Abm  Db Fm Fmaj7 CHORUS Bbmaj7    Am     Gm        Am  Now that we

Phildel - Dare Lyrics and Chords

G     D     Em   C Dare you, I need your G    D      Em   C Dare you, I need your G                       D Your presence preserves me        Am                 C Oh unworthy, my racing mind            G Slows its time                          D When the faithful desert me                             Am When the fears that disturb me           C                      Set their pace, you are my

Together Pangea - My Heart Lyrics and Chords

G               Em my heart better move it around my head better get off the ground G               Em              C         D my heart better move it around G      C     D     my soul (what did you say?)     my feet (how can you say?)     my lips (they can’t be displaced)     my life (you give it away) G      Em       C           D     my heart it gives me away     my head it don’t know

Skik - Verliefd Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Em – Em/G – Am/F# - B7      2x Em               Em/G                 Am/F#          B7                       Ik had me –        zelf nog wel         zo be –     loofd Am7             D7                 Gmaj7     B7                             Ik trap er     echt niet meer         in Em              Em/G              Am/F#          B7                           Ik had het        duidelijk

Poslednja Igra Leptira - Natasa Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Am F G x6 Am               F     G          Am Gledao sam belo jutro doslo je polako Am             F     G          Am Oteralo nocne ptice svanulo tek tako.      Dm                 Am    Dm          Am Al' ostao je kljuc od stana I papir od cokolade Dm                      Am Zaboravljen upaljac od soka prazna flasa G         E7 Sve je tu          Am   F    G      Am A gde je Natasa

Adera - Dengarkan Hatiku Lyrics and Chords

 C Kasih,                        F Dengarkanlah aku  G                              C Kini hatiku yang berbicara C                                F Resah yang ada di jiwaku G                              C Ingin ku lalui bersamamu Am                          G Karena ku yakin cintaku                         F Hanya tercipta untukmu                        Dm Takkan pernah sirna G

JKT48 - Boku wa Ganbaru Lyrics and Chords

INTRO : Bb F Gm F D# Dm Cm F Bb         F       Gm       F sejak kita bertemu aku jadi berfikir D#        Dm          Cm          F hal baik apa yang ada pada diriku ini Bb       F         Gm       F apakah kecerdasan, apakah olahraga D#  F    Dm   Gm      Cm        F        Bb apakah penampilan ataukah orang yang menarik D#       F dibandingkan orang lainnya D           Gm adakah yang bisa ku

John Fullbright - Never Cry Again Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: C  F  C  F  C  E  Am  Dm  G C                      F           C Your eyes are still as blue as I remember G                  F                C    E You still think my jokes are out of line Am           B                     F It’s been so long since we’ve been walking Dm                             G Has it really been that long a time? C                 F            C There were

Jason Webley - Devil Be Good Lyrics and Chords

G     F  G               A# Devil be good, Devil be good.        D           C       C   A# No the Devil don't walk on water. G     F  G               A# Devil be good, Devil be good.         A#     G      D So he's got himself a boat. G     F  G               A# Devil be good, Devil be good.          D                C      C   A# He's out fishing with his lovely daughter.               A#

Tragically Hip - New Orleans Is Sinking Lyrics and Chords

Em                     G       Em          G Bourbon Blues, on the street, loose and complete        Em      G             Em     G Under skies of smokey blue -green    A         C     A           C I cant forsake a dixie dead shake        Em         G         Em    G So we danced the sidewalk clean    B                            A My memory is muddy, what?s this river that I?m in?     B

James Hersey - Dreamcatcher Lyrics and Chords

D# Bb F Gm D# Bb Cm Gm                   D#               Bb Well she likes to sleep, i like to dream              Cm                    Gm she likes to listen and i love to sing              D#                    Bb she likes to make me feel like i'm home               Cm        Gm she likes the way, everywhere that i go               D#                  Bb she keeps the time in a cage on a

Txarango - Vola Lyrics and Chords

        F            C Algú ja riu i surt el sol          G                       Am i ja badalla i espeteguen els balcons de flors            F                    C i sona un vals a les valls adormides            G                           Am mentre trafico el meu amor que és polissó de valls i viles      F      C        G Que duc als ulls mal temps i fred     F        C       G que l’he

Blaeck Foeoess - Drink Doh Ene Met Lyrics and Chords

   C                                 G Ne ahle Mann steht für de Weetschaftsdür        F             G       C der so jän ens einen drinken däht. Fmaj7             Em      Doch hä hätt vill zo winnich Jeld, F                   G      su lang hä och zällt. C                                 G In d'r Weetschaft es die Stimmung jroß,       F              G    C ävver keiner süht dä ahle Mann, Fmaj7

Daniel Johnston - Never Relaxed Lyrics and Chords

INTRo: Now without any further ado I'm gonna do a little talk shoe (???) and a little boogaloo. For you. If you want me to. I will. WILL. ( C )          C         G              C There was this kid named Syd and he was born C                G                    C Maybe the doctor hit him a little too hard C       F                              C He just seemed to have gotten off to a bad start

Enrique Iglesias - El Perdon Lyrics and Chords

           Em Dime si es verdad                         C Me dijeron que te estas casando                         G Tú no sabes como estoy sufriendo                      D Esto te lo tengo que decir       Em Cuéntame                         C Tu despedida para mi fue dura                          G Será que él te llevo a la luna                      D Y yo no supe hacerlo así             Em Te

Jelena Petosevic - Nikola Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Em    C7  B7    x2 Verse: Em Hocu da se bijem sa tobom C7                                         B7 Krv bi da ti pijem uz viski s toplom vodom, Nikola Em Zari svoje zube u moju kozu C7                                        B7 Dok te s jednim okom gledam u ostrom nozu, Nikola Em Sljakaju hormoni, testosteroni C7 Hocu da te malo mucim B7                          Em Ne znam kako tebi

Clash - English Civil War Johnny Comes Marching Home Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: A VERSE 1:      A                                    G When Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, tralah      A                                Em He's coming by bus or underground, hurrah, tralah   C                G              F               C A woman's eye will shed a tear to see his face so beaten in fear             A    G         F      E      A And it was just around the

Todd Carey - Nintendo Lyrics and Chords

[INTRO:] F C Am G F  I met you at the grocery spot          C With the sweat pants lookin all kinds of hot       Am And a box of Captain Crunch in your hand       G Said 'hmm, now, baby girl, that's my jam F  You ain't the kind of girl that needs fancy things          C You like staying up late playing video games       Am                                G Got a cherry ring pop, that's your only

Lower Than Atlantis - English Kids In America Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Bm A G   G A D Verse: Bm              A Bags packed and by the door,              G                   D they've been there for a week or so Bm          A Passport is looking worn,        G                       D in the picture I look 12 years old Bm          A Outside the weather's cold,     G             D I'm wearing every sweater I own Bm             A It's hot there so I've been

David Archuleta - Wait Lyrics and Chords

 Bm - A - Bm - A  G                                     A I can't sleep I'm feeling wide awake     F#m                      G Tonight is taking it's time                                                   A How much more before the morning breaks F#m                               G Bm And I can leave it all behind                                           A                 D 'Cause every time I

Sinclair - Ensemble Lyrics and Chords

Em              C7 Chacun son pain.                   A7 Chacun fait son beurre.                   D On ne partage rien        D#dim           Em À part sa mauvaise humeur                   C7                A7 Mais il faudra bien oublier nos peurs :                           D Si on veut un monde meilleur,               D#dim               Em Il faut qu'on s'y mette à plusieurs.               

Jon Mclaughlin - Oh Jesus Lyrics and Chords

C Oh, Jesus F Can You hear me now? G Oh, Jesus G                          Am I'm just wondering how I'm doing      F       C Am I proving worth C                   G All the time You've spent C Oh, Jesus F I know You're there G Oh, Jesus G                          Am Have You decided where I'm going?     F                You know I was hoping    C                  G To be with You in the end.

Ungu - Segala Puji Syukur Lyrics and Chords

[INTRO]:      C Subhanallah wal hamdulillah             Em              F      C wa laa ilaha illallah wallahu akbar      C Subhanallah wal hamdulillah            Em             F       C wa laa ilaha illallah wallahu akbar [INTERLUDE]: C Em F C 2x    C Subhanallah wal hamdulillah    Em                    F      C wa laa ilaha illallah wallahu akbar    C Subhanallah wal hamdulillah    Em

Britney Spears - Everytime Lyrics and Chords

[Intro] Eb9 Bb9 Eb9 Cm9 [Verse] Eb9          Bb9  Notice     me Eb9          Cm9  Take  my  hand Eb9          Bb9  Why   are  we Eb9          Cm9  strangers when Gm7            Eb9  our love is strong? Gm7            Eb9  Why  carry  on without me? [Chorus] (Eb9)               Bb9         Cm9                Gm7  And everytime I try to fly I fall.  Without my wings,              Ab9

Robbie Seay Band - Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go Lyrics and Chords

Intro: C Verse 1:      C                  F      C Oh, Love that will not let me go    Am                 G I rest weary soul in Thee    C                  F      C I give You back this life I owe     Am                        G And in Your ocean depths its flow      F       C/E   G May richer, fuller be Verse 2:      C                  F      C Oh, Light that follows all my way    Am

Mark Altrogge - Face To Face Lyrics and Chords

G Jesus, I love you      Em For when I was blind and lost      C                 Am You shed for all your enemies       D Your blood upon the cross G Because you have loved me Em Now I can love you too       C                 Am    Your love flows deep into my heart         D Then I send it back to you     G             C And Jesus my love       D              G Will only grow much

Shakey Graves - Oh My Poison Lyrics and Chords

I feel so lonesome since I lost my someone with this government paycheck I’m gonna buy a new one and sit right here with my lukewarm just a licking my wounds from ear to ear E so the old folk warned from the year before                            B keeps a thumb in my street                        E climbing in my backseat so what if I lay down my head till one day                 B just lift

The Staves - Facing West Lyrics and Chords

[Intro]: F Am F F              Am            F A room with a window facing west, towards the sea F               Am                 F You, with your hands across your chest, facing me Gm                    C Sing me a song, your voice is like silver and Gm                        C I don’t think that I can do this anymore [Interlude]: F Am F F              Am                F I’ll take the

Richard Shindell - Waiting For The Storm Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Am                     C     G        Am I'm ready as I'll ever be               C       G    Am I've done all one man can         C         G          No one, now, will rescue me     F         G       D      Am So, here I'll make my stand         C          G            Am State Police, they came around        C          G     Am Said I should not stay                C         G

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Fade Away Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

Intro: A  Am7  Dsus2  A  B7 Dsus2 A When I was young I thought I had my own key Am7                    I knew exactly what I wanted to be Dsus2   A Now I'm sure        B7               Dsus2 You've boarded up every door Verse 2 A Lived in a bubble Days were never-ending Am7 Was not concerned about what life was sending Dsus2       A Fantasy was real              B7                   Dsus2

Scorpions - One And One Is Three Lyrics and Chords

Intro:  F   Bb  (2X) C#                Fm Nothing else will set you free C#                    Fm The simple things are hard to see C#                       Fm         Eb When you can't find your strategy inside C#            Fm Tangled up in technology C#               Fm Enslaved by the economy C#              Fm      Eb A part of us is dying inside Cm              G#                 Bb  Eb

Alicia Keys - Fallin Lyrics and Chords

[Verse 1] I keep on fallin'         Em           Bm7 in and out of love       Em     Bm7 with you              Em      Bm7 Sometimes I love ya                       Em         Bm7 Sometimes you make me blue                   Em         Bm7 Sometimes I feel good                  Em          Bm7 At times I feel used            Em       Bm7          Em Lovin' you darlin' makes me so confused [

Seven Oops - Orange Lyrics and Chords

INTRO  G    B7      Em   Dm7 G      C D  Bm7 Em  Am7  Dsus4 D   VERSE 1 Em               C D              G D   chiisa na kata wo narabete aruita   C      D         Bm    Em   Am7             Dsus4 D nandemonai koto de waraiai onaji yume wo mitsumeteita Em              C D              G D   mimi wo sumaseba ima demo kikoeru C         D  Bm   Em         Am7  D        G kimi no koe orenjiiro

Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Riot On Broad Street Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Em C X4 VERSE 1:    Em                           C My father once told this to me, Boston's gritty history   Em                         C Another ruthless battle in a useless holy war Em                            C Handed down discrepancies and tensions that'll never ease           Em                            C One early afternoon on broad street, it blew up down there for sure G

Susanne Sundfor - Father Father Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Am   E   Am   Am   E    Am Am  G   C   Dm    E   Am    Am     E     Am Father Father Am            E    Am Will you forgive me Am   G   C    Dm        E   Am If I should leave your garden? Am      E        Am    E     Am I will miss the water lilies C          G    C   Dm      E   Am White are still my sheets of linen F                 Dm        Am White is still my skin that I Bb

Centro-Matic - Ordinary Days Lyrics and Chords

Dm                        A And if the conversation's right, Dm                        A He'll ask the audience to throw away all his F#m         Bm instruments tonight. Dm                              A It's all he's known for all his life, Dm                         A                        F#m He's got the opera house believin' him that there's just no end         Bm They're throwing down

Scorpions - Rock My Car Lyrics and Chords

Intro: F#m  E  (2X) F#m Rock, rock, rock my car A              E     D           E Let's push the pedal down to the metal! F#m         Rock, rock, rock my car A              E     D           E    Let's push the pedal down to the metal! F#m Yeah! F#m The ultimate pleasure is waiting for me     B          C#       F#m You wanna join in for a drive F#m The engine is roaring, I double the speed

Lcd Soundsystem - Home Lyrics and Chords

A Home Home Home Home Home Home Take me home A Just do it right                   F#m Make it perfect and real              A Because it's everything                             F#m No everything was never the deal A So grab your things                    F#m and stumble into the night           A So we can shut the door                               F#m Oh, shut the door on terrible times A

Scorpions - Rock N Roll Band Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Gm  Eb  F  Dm  (4X) Gm                 Eb   Pick up my guitar, rock this town F                   Dm When passion rules I can't slow down Gm                            Eb I'm walking down the street of hungry hearts F                      Dm Where heaven cries when angels fall Gm                 Eb A Hollywood stage, girls in a cage F                        Dm Action, satisfaction, legs

Willy Millowitsch - Schnaps Das War Sein Letztes Wort Lyrics and Chords

     F                  C    Schnaps, das war sein letztes Wort,           G7           C    dann trugen ihn die Englein fort!        F                  C    Schnaps, das war sein letztes Wort,           G7                    C    dann trugen ihn die Englein fort! C                     G7                               C Und so kam er in den Himmel, und man hat ihm Milch serviert,             C7

The Overtunes - Soulmate Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Eb Pilihlah soulmate antara dua.. Eb             Bb  Cm  Auuuuuu..huu..hu... Bb         Ab                     Gm  Ab  Bb Oooho.iyeeyee...eeiy..        Eb                      Bb Pilihlah dengan cepat soulmate Cm       Bb Antara dua              Ab                            Gm Kau jadikan sahabat atau sang kekasih        Ab                           Bb Biar ku dapat tahu pasti        Eb

Centro-Matic - Fidgeting Wildly Lyrics and Chords

C I'm helping you see, F and you won't even look at me Dm There's too much downtime G There's too much downtime C You've stolen your thoughts. F You fine tune your expertise Dm There's too much downtime. G There's too much downtime C So you're kicking out the hi-fi jams, F you're fidgeting wildly Dm There's too much downtime. G There's just too much downtime. C But you're trapped in your room,

Chavela Vargas - Rogaciano El Huapanguero Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Gm     Gm               D7 Gm          D  Gm               D7 Gm          D                Gm Am La Huasteca está de luto        E7           Am se murió su huapanguero,         E7             Am Ya no se oye aquel falsete           E7           Am que es el alma del trovero. Am Rogaciano se llamaba       E7             Am Rogaciano el Huapanguero,       E7           Am Eran sones de la

Nadira Adnan feat. Al Ghazali - Cinta Datang Dan Pergi Lyrics and Chords

Em          Am  jika jari ini pun terus D                 G      B  ingin menggenggam tanganmu Em           Am  jika bibir ini pun terus D              G     B  ingin mengecup bibirmu C           Am  jika raga ini pun terus B  memeluk mesra tubuhmu Gm          Cm  jika hati ini pun terus F              A#     D  memikirkan tentang kamu Gm          Cm  jika mata ini pun terus F                A#

Akurat - Pa Pa Pa Lyrics and Chords

[intro] G#sus4 G# F#sus4 F# F#m A Esus4 E Esus4 E F#m A Esus4 E Esus4 E [verse 1] F#m             A Jest już bardzo późno          Esus4 E Esus4 E Pora już spać F#m             A Jutro do przedszkola             Esus4 E Esus4 E Będę musiał wstać F#m              A Jestem tak szczęśliwy                  Esus4 E Esus4 E Bo w dzisiejszym dniu F#m      A Sam zawiązałem             Esus4 E Esus4 E

Bradio - Flyers Lyrics and Chords

INTRO G#  F#  C#  E F# G#  F#  C#  E F# VERSE 1     G#                      F#         kou nattara ii na no mousou to genjitsu ni   C#                    E       F#   isseki wo toujite kosei wo migake   G#                       F# kakaenayamu nandai wo mata hitotsu shoukyo  C#                     E           F# atama kara ketsu made sore ga wa ga entame  G#                        F# (Boom,

Magnolia Electric Co - Roll The Wheel Lyrics and Chords

         D Kentucky moon                  Am roll it down the pike          C tell whatever news you have           G from home tonight         D use any sign             Am you haven't shown                   C now who rolls the wheel               G who rolls the wheel       D bayou moon come down from      Am the crossroads          C sing the hymn you heard                G the alligators

John Prine - Please Dont Bury Me Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1 D                    G Woke up this mornin, put on my slippers D                         A Walked in the kitchen and died     D And oh what a feeling         G When my soul went through the ceiling     A                       D And on up into heaven I did rise        G When I got there they did say          D "John it happened this ole way,                                         A You

Paola Bennet - Chandeliers Lyrics and Chords

E E                                         B He’s the kind of boy who eats alone E                             ? Never speaks of love; he’d rather it be shown        Dbm                A          B           He lingers on long after you look at him E ? A                                B Painted in gold, and silver-tongued A                               B My oh my, he’s a precious one

Aurora Aksnes - Runaway Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Em, D (4x) Verse 1: Em                     D I was listening to the ocean Em                  D I saw a face in the sand            C But when I picked it up          G         D          C Then it vanished away from my hand Em                  D I had a dream I was 7 Em                   D Climbing my way in a tree         C I saw a piece of heaven G          D          C Waiting

Train - For Me Its You Lyrics and Chords

G  D                            Em If I ever find truth I’m gonna let you know If I ever find faith I’m gonna sit in every bit of it’s afterglow If I ever find a way to bring love here today you better bet your life that this is what i’ll say Give it if you’ve got it get it if you don't C                               G Take my hand in the meantime… C                               Em Let’s walk

Leyla The Band - Yoklugunda Lyrics and Chords

Am    Em         F   G     Am Kaybet, öfkeni içinde sakladığın. Am    Em         F    G        Am Terket, o derdini benden almadığın. Am    Em            F   G       Am Sabret, sonu aynı değil söylüyorum. Am  Em       F           G       Am Dinle, rüyalarım her gün aynı olmayacak. Am    Em         F           G    Am Şimdi vazgeçersen, geriye döneceksin. Am    Em           F           G  

Zebulon - Rviens Pas Trop Tard Lyrics and Chords

Intro : A   C   B   F   A   C   B   F  A                    C                   B      Fais-les ton trip, fais-les c'que t'as a faire,        F  tu l'sais que j't'un gars ouvert  A                    C             B              J'veux pas t'étouffes, j'veux pas qu'tu souffre,      F  j'veux surtout pas t'pomper l'air  A                         C  Fais doc c'qui  t'tente, fais donc c'qui t'tante

Seabird - Please Please Lyrics and Chords

   D        A              E          F#m If I could chase you, you know I would     D          A          E              F#m But these old legs don’t work like they should     D          A       E     F#m And for the first time I realize      D     A           E         F#m That I am dust without you by my side. Bm             D           F#m                      E     I need to hear you say

Mat Kerekes - Forgiveness Lyrics and Chords

AM              C       G IF FORGIVENESS AIN'T ENOUGH, AM               C          G AND YOU NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT. AM              C     WELL DON'T YOU THINK THAT G SOMETHING IS STRANGE? AM                    G         C SO WHY DON'T YOU HOLD YOUR TONGUE? AM               C            G YOU HAD ALL THE BOYS AS YOUR OWN. AM               C             G I'LL NEVER KNOW IF YOU MADE IT HOME. AM

Foreigner - Safe In My Heart Lyrics and Chords

Introdução: Db Eb Bbm Eb             Db Eb Bb Eb Ab        Eb          Db                  Eb   In this world, life can be hard on a sensitive girl Db            Eb               Ab              Eb   Who do you turn to, when you really need someone?           Fm Don't give in, hold on, and in time     Eb                     Fm The day will come, and you will know           Fm        Eb        

Elvis Presley - Girl Next Door Went A-Walking Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: E VERSE     E The girl next door went a-walking     E She found the boy she likes E She wanted to get married E  Settle down for life BRIDGE     A The girl next door went a-walking     A She knew it wasn't right A She came home at half past ten B Late every night VERSE     E The girl next door went a-walking     E She found the boy she likes E She wanted to get married E  Settle down for

The Zen Circus - Postumia Lyrics and Chords

          A                    E     A Due e ventisei del mattino, metà Febbraio           F#m                     E    A Ci tengo ad essere preciso sempre nell'orario           A               E     A Uscito dal lavoro da pochi minuti           F#m                     E    A Giusto in tempo per raccogliere i sopravvissuti           A                 E     A Che dalla nebbia affiorano come

The Tallest Man On Earth - Sagres Lyrics and Chords

Am G D / G D C repeat x 2         Am   G      D We were travellers, so blind         G         D      C Went to where the world did end       Am    G         D ran a dozen ways till now            G       D      C So this is when we walked away          Am      G    D And this sadness I suppose       G       D      C gonna hold me to the ground           Am        G        D where I'm forced to

Chase Holfelder - Girls Just Wanna Fun Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Bm D G Bm Em G A Bm She comes home in the morning light     G Her mother says when you gonna live your life right Em Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones     G      A           Bm And girls they want to have fun A   G       D          Em       A Oh girls just want to have fun ohh Bm The phone rings in the middle of the night     G Her father yells what you gonna do with your life

Meghan Trainor - Shake It Off Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

Intro: G  Em  D  D                 Verse:                G I stay out too late                   Em Got nothing in my brain                    D That's what people say, mmhmm                    D That's what people say, mmhmm                  G I go on too many dates                       Em But I can't make them stay                             D At least that's what people say, mmhmm

Beyonce Knowles - Pretty Hurts Lyrics and Chords

[VERSE I] G     Am                     Em Mama said, you're a pretty girl                 D                 G What's in your head, it doesn't matter   G           Am              Em             D                  G Brush your hair, fix your teeth, what you wear is all that matters [PRE-CHORUS]        Am     Em                 D      G Just another stage, pageant the pain away.            Am

Felix Jaehn Ft Freddy Verano Linying - Shine Lyrics and Chords

Am               F   Didn’t think I’d finally find. G               C   A whole world in my mind. Am              F But you’re doing just fine. G                          C You said, “I’m sorry babe, I just want to shine”. Am Dm G C Am Dm G C Am              Dm Tall grass and a blistering heat          G I’ve got the burns on my back            C Dirt on the soles of my feet, they say;   Am

Panic At The Disco - Girlsgirlsboys Lyrics and Chords

[Intro]: Am C F   x2 Am C                             F I don't wanna hear you've got a boyfriend      Am  C                    F Sometimes you're better off alone              Am                         C But if you change your mind, you know where I am               F Yeah if you change your mind, you know where to find me       Am C                        F Cause I don't ever wanna be your

Richard Shindell - Wisteria Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Em  D  C/G  G        Em  D  C/G ~ D    Em       D          C/G           G   Em Let's not drive away just yet D         C/G ~    D      Em Give me a mo--ment more    D                  C/G         G   D To walk through those rooms again                              Em To walk through that door       D            C/G    G   Em If we turn off the radio      D       C/G   ~  D      Em I've

Tony Orlando - To Wait For Love Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: D G G   D  Bm  G       Gbm              B Eve-ry day without love is a day of sorrow. E                A                   D Don't wait til tomorrow..to wait for love    Am7     D               G    B Em7 is just to waste your life away. G      D    B    Em7    E   A             B Dreams come true and if you get too far behind       D                 A them, someone else will find them.

Ungu - Berteman Sepi Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: D  G  A  F#m D  G  A D           G                 A             D Sepi di sini tanpa dirimu lagi D               G                          A Di persimpangan langkahku D         G                    A                      D Kita terpisah bukan karena tak cinta D               G                    A namun waktu tak berpihak G          A                 D Sangat berat untukku     Bm

Lou Reed - Hangin Round Lyrics and Chords

VERSE 1 G                              C                G Harry was a rich young man who would become a priest. G                                 C            G He dug up his dear father who was recently deceased.    A           C     G    G7      A          C       G    G7 He did it with tarot cards  and a mystically attuned mind,     A       C         G     G7     D And shortly there and

Billy Joel - Shes Got A Way Lyrics and Chords

C          G      Am      C7 She's got a way about her F I don't know what it is       G           F        G But I know that I can’t live without her C          G      Am          C7 She's got a way of   pleasin  F  I don't know what it is           G           F     G But there doesn’t have to be a reason Cm     Fsus4   C Anyway C           G           Am          C7  She's got a smile that

Rainer Maria - Situation Relation Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1: A              Bm   on the right bank             F#m  D E of the East River A         Bm   sitting on torn F#m     D E A concrete     shaking Bm hands and empty F#m    D E A      Bm  F#m fingers     and I know               D       E it won't mean anything Chorus 1: D      E   if indeed this     D was like a first E       D marriage then        E you and I   D together     F#m can be

Tony Orlando - Happy Times Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: C C                        You've been hurt..I can see that you've been Dm7 G cry-in'. C You've been hurt..but your tears can start Dm7 G dry-in'.      C                 E         Am7 Now, you, you've got a man who's gonna get you               F smilin' every day.       D     G                  C Baby, happy times, are here to stay. C                                     Dm7  G Just

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Avril Lavigne - Sk8Er Boi Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

C        G              D                   Em He was a boy, She was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious. C        G             D            Em He was a punk, She did ballet. What more can I say. C         G                D              Em He wanted her, She'd never tell. Secretly she wanted him as well. C              G                       D But all of her friends, stuck up their nose.

Primal Scream - Slip Inside This House Lyrics and Chords

Bm Finer worlds that you uncover, plant the path you want to roam Live where you're heart can be given and your life starts to unfold     F‪#‎m                 A        E You think you can't you wish you could   F‪#‎m             A        E I know you can, I wish you would Bm               D        E   Bm         D       E Trip inside this house as you pass by Bm               D        E   Bm

Jack Savoretti - Hate And Love Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: Em, C, Am, D (x2) Em           C You say that we're different Am              D I feel the same Em          C You tell me you're leaving Am              D I'm here to stay Am Am/G        D Sunshine and rain Am     Am/G      D Make a beautiful thing Em, C, Am, D Em             C My strength is your weakness Am            D My heart of stone Em                C Your voice breaks my

Blind Melon - Skinned Lyrics and Chords

Intro:        G                   E7       G (kazoo) do do do do do do do do Verse 1 G I'll make a shoehorn outta your shin I'll make a lampshade of durable skin E7 And oh, don't you know that I'm always feelin able When I'm sitting home here carving out your navel G I'm just sitting here carving out your navel Chorus C           Em                C When will I realize that this skin I'm in

Katja Ebstein - Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1: C Viele Menschen fragen: C Was ist schuld daran? F                               C Warum kommt das Glück nicht zu mir? C Fangen mit dem Leben viel zu wenig an, Dm               Em     F            G   G7 dabei steht das Glück schon vor der Tür. Chorus: F        G             Em Wunder gibt es immer wieder, Am          Dm      G             C     C7 heute oder morgen können sie

Richard Shindell - So Says The Whippoorwill Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: C  F  C  F  G  C  F  C  F     C               F          C   F The change could happen any day        G                C So says the whippoorwill                    F            C It hangs 'round for the seeds I leave     F Dm         G      F Out on the windowsill              C        Dm           C "Be-free-you-fool, be-free-you-fool"     F     ~   Dm        G   C She sings all

Us The Duo - Heartbreak Lyrics and Chords

 G                          D A thousand pictures here to tear  G                                   D To throw them out just don't seem fair  D                      A Can I hold on a little longer? A                          G Can I hold on a little longer?   G                          D A book of stories left to share  G                                D To make you laugh but you won't care D

The Memories - Softly Lyrics and Chords

D C G D True love is broken C It's not working G     (D G) At all D Your love has spoken C My heart is broken G Softly D Blushing in the night C Naked in lamplight G Crying D Your mouth is talking C My heart is walking G Away Doo Doo Doo Doo, Etc D I believed in you C You deceived in me G So hard D Why am I whining? C I'll stop my meandering G Right now Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Bryan Ferry - Soldier Of Fortune Lyrics and Chords

       C#m        E          A I’m a soldier of fortune      B            C#m     E   B   A An ambassador of pain           C#m        E          A I had the world on a string        B            C#m     E   B   A Then I threw it all away        C#m        E          A I’m a prince of illusions             B            C#m     E   B   A All spinning around in my brain            C#m        E

Dev Meena - Heartbreaker Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Am, G, F, Em (Am G)3x F Am                Am    G                 F Yoon.. kahi bhi jao, chip jao, Bach kese jaoge. G                          Am Jo tum hi ho .. My HeartBreaker. Am              Am       G              F Khud ko kitna chipa lo, Bacha lo, Dena hoga hi. G                        Am Jo tum hi ho .. My HeartBreaker. Am            G Tere Siva kuch chahe na F               G

The Bony King Of Nowhere - Some Are Fearful Lyrics and Chords

Intro : Am Am        Em     Am         Em      I have a feeling there is a man Am             Em     Am             Em    G He knows who I am, he knows where I'm going oh Am        Em      Am  Em   Last time he took me away Am          Em        Am           Em        G I ended up alone in a bed with my eyes wide open F        C          Em    Am Some are fearful but I am not F            C

Vittorio David Chisari - Herr Dein Opfer Lyrics and Chords

Vers 1: Em Herr dein Opfer, G/B     C       G bringt mich auf die Knie. Em Herr du zeigst mir, G/B     C       G wer ich wirklich bin. Em Meine Sünde, G/B     C       G legtest du mir da. Em Du hast vergossen, G/B     C       G dein Blut am Kreuz von Golgatha. Pre-Chorus: D Und jetzt         C               G Ist der Weg zum Vater frei.         D Mein Herr         C Und mein Erlöser. Chorus: Em

Steve Earle - Sparkle And Shine Lyrics and Chords

Verse: C       G           C My baby sparkle and shine G           C Sparkle and shine G             C Sparkle and shine C       G           C My baby sparkle and shine               G           C And everyone knows she’s fine C            G           C She blesses all that she sees    G          C          G            C A toss of her hair and a kiss in the breeze C                   G

Nik Kershaw - Somebody Loves You Lyrics and Chords

Intro: F#m/C# - F#m F#m/C# - F#m Sea of faces                D       A Rolling on the big wave A                             C#m Wish that I could dive right in F#m/C# - F#m Shiny faces,                D         A Glowing in the light rays A                          C#m Smiling at me, sink or swim G                             G - F#m - Em I put my words upon their lips Em                     A

Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus Lyrics and Chords

     G                      C2                  G                  Well sometimes my life just don't make sense at all          Bm                C          D4                  D When the mountains look so big and my faith just seems so small Chorus:    G       C2               Am      G/B    C2 So hold me Jesus 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf          Am        G/B   C2               Em7   D2

Richard Shindell - Spring Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: G  D  G  D  G                C            D The day will begin like any other         G              C Another sunrise in the east         G                C                D It will reach across and touch you like a lover                          G       C It will tease you from a dream     G            C                 D And opening your eyes, you will surrender        G

Ten - Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home Lyrics and Chords

Em, C, D, A, Cmaj7 (2x)     Em The breath of a notion on a temperate breeze C Stirs my emotion, it begins unseen          D                                    A     Cmaj7 Till the hunger grows and love starts to take hold    Em In vivid reflections, see it all too clear C Taint our affections through our crystal tears        D                               A     Cmaj7 Till a cold and frozen

Elevation Worship - Yahweh Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1: [A]       D             E/G#  A Spirit of Jesus living within us          D       F#m  E Never to fail or forsake           D               E/G# A       Unending promise heaven inside us              D        F#m   E Whispers the sound of Your name Chorus: F#m        E/G#   A Holy, holy is the Lord              F#m         D Worthy to be praised, Yahweh F#m          E/G#   A Fire,

The Overtunes - Jatuh Dari Surga Lyrics and Chords

INTRO : A  Bm-D A.....E-A-E-D....E       A                 Bm       D Tak pernah ku menyesal             A                        E Ku hanya terus berharap         A          Bm-D Mungkin ini hanya             A                        E Cobaan di dalam hidup Bm          A              E                D        Dan aku terus berseru           C#m       Bm Menahan air mata               E    C#m

Rainer Maria - Soul Singer Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Eb  Cm C# Cm Bb Cm Bb  x2 Verse 1:     Eb I'm leaving all   Cm  C# Cm Bb Cm Bb I know   Eb  Cm C# Cm Bb Cm Bb behind     Eb I'm leaving      Cm C# Cm Bb only dus      ty Cm Bb Eb   Cm C# Cm Bb Cm Bb out   lines Chorus 1: Cm in place of      Bb this place I've loved    Eb    Cm C# Cm Bb Cm Bb to pieces Eb Cm C# Cm Bb Cm Bb Verse 2:     Eb I'm leaving     Cm   C# Cm Bb Cm Bb the lakes   Eb

Doddleoddle - La Vie En Rose Lyrics and Chords

Intro: G Gmaj7 Em Am D D7   G                        Gmaj7 Quand il me prend dans ses bras                  Em Il me parle tout bas,                   Am  D Je vois la vie en ros-e G                  Gmaj7 Il me dit des mots d'amour,                       Em Des mots de tous les jours,                        C Et ça me fait quelque chose. Am                             G

Herbert Groenemeyer - Stueck Vom Himmel Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Am G F Verse 1: Am Warum in seinem Namen Am Wir heißen selber auch C Wann stehen wir für unsre Dramen C Es wird viel zu oft gebraucht F Alles unendlich, unendlich Verse 2: C Welche Armee ist heilig C Du glaubst nicht besser als ich C Bibel ist nicht zum einigeln G                  C die Erde ist unsre Pflicht F                   Em Sie ist freundlich, freundlich                G Wir

Hymnal - Speak To My Heart Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1: D            A7    A7/C#  D    A/C# Speak to my heart, Lord   Je - sus Bm             G        D Speak that my soul may hear D            A7    A7/C#  D     G Speak to my heart, Lord   Je - sus D           A7        D   D7 Calm ev'ry doubt and fear Refrain: G                        D Speak to my heart, oh, speak to my heart E7                    A7 Speak to my heart, I pray D

Daughter - Home Lyrics and Chords

C, Em, G, D C                  Em I was drunk again, causing accidents. G Oh, you're not a friend, D You're nothing. C                   Em I think I should be a little more confident. G In myself, D In my skin. C        Em       G     D Take me, take me, home, home. C        Em       G     D Take me, take me, home, home. C                      Em                        G     D 'Cause I don't

Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O Mine Lyrics and Chords

INTRO D   C G    D   VERSE 1  D  She's got a smile that it seems to me  Cadd9  Reminds me of childhood memories         G                                         D  Where everything was as fresh as a bright blue sky  D  Now and then when i see her face      Cadd9  She takes me away to that special place             G                                        D  And if i stay too long, I'd

Snake Oil Willie Band - I Dont Look Good Naked Anymore Lyrics and Chords

Intro   E  B7  E E                                                    A Well my body could use a little slimmin'   I keep my shirt on when I go swimmin'          E                       B7         E And I ain't seen my feet since 1984…the old lady wants a roll in the hay,             A                              E                 B7       E We turn the lights down all the way…'cause I don't

Grouplove - Spum Lyrics and Chords

Intro G (x2) D C (x2) G   I want it ragged tag up in bag                                  D                       C I’ve been sleeping in a bus this thrust singing lalala G I got the feeling of a nickel and dime                                 D                        C That was probably a lie for the sub inconscious state of mind G Rush rush rush for the go don’t scatter too much

Toni Holiday - Tanze Samba Mit Mir Lyrics and Chords

Fm       G7              C7               Fm Ah ah ah ah  Du bist so heiss wie ein Vulkan          G7               C7               Fm Ah ah ah ah  und heut verbrenn ich mich daran                                 Bbm                                       Fm Jedermann nennt dich Sweet Lady Samba, jeder sieht dass du kein Kind mehr bist                                   Bbm                C7

Tony Orlando - Ill Be There Lyrics and Chords

INTRO:  G         Bm    Am            D  G      Am D (Don't you worry darling, I'll be there.) G    B        C                        G I'll be there when all your dreams are broken,    D             E      Am7    D to answer your unspoken prayer. G               Bm            B      C     Am7 When the little things you're doin', don't turn     G out right. G         Bm    C        D       G

Rio Reiser - Alles Lüge Lyrics and Chords

C                                           F Es ist wahr, daß das Jahr über dreihundert Tage   Am                       G in nur zweiundfünfzig Wochen schafft         C                                     F Es ist wahr, es ist wahr, daß das Ausland                 Am               G viel mehr Ausländer als Deutsche hat           C                                F Es ist wahr, daß die Sonne

Juliane Werding - Stimmen Im Wind Lyrics and Chords

G                            Cm           D Schwarze Vögel, roter Himmel, --- Frau am Meer G                           Cm       D Riecht an Blumen, aber Ihre Hand ist leer Am Sieht ein Schiff im Sturm versinken, hört Menschen schrei`n                  D             G       Em  D Sie ist nicht verlassen, nur allein G                                       Em Stimmen im Wind, die Sie rufen wenn

Manic Street Preachers - The Descent Pages 1 2 Lyrics and Chords

Intro: A F Em Dm C Bb G A F               Am                 Dm Will my kingdom disappear and fade away C      Bb               G              A Will sleep overcome the hurt and then decay           F                                 Dm      C I can't be poisoned and you will not make me cry                 Bb               G                  A I've cleansed my ugliness and I've cleansed my

Syith - Youre Still Here Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1        A     Asus2   Dsus2 Asus2/D In the bitterness of life,        A      Asus2  Dsus2 Asus2/D In the longed for sunrise,        A      Asus2  Dsus2 Asus2/D In the loneliness of earth,        A   Asus2  Dsus2 Asus2/D In the miracle of birth Hook  F#m  D      A   Asus2  Dsus2 Asus2/D I know you're here Verse 2        A    Asus2  Dsus2 Asus2/D In the warm summer breeze,        A     

Richard Shindell - Transit Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: B         The merge from the turnpike was murder, but it's never a cinch                                                 C     It was Friday at five, and no one was giving an inch                                       D They squeezed and they edged and they glared C                      D         C Half of them clearly impaired by rage or exhaustion                              B     The

Florence And The Machine - Third Eye Lyrics and Chords

F                Dm   That original lifeline           F Original lifeline                Dm That original lifeline           F                 Hey, look up! Don’t make a shadow of yourself         D Always shutting out the light  F Caught in your own creation               D Look up, look up! It tore you open              F And oh, how much?                                        Gm Cause

Mary Black - The Loving Time Lyrics and Chords

   C             G It reads like a fairy tale     Am             F And that's what it was C                G Young man in his prime       Am            F Young girl from the Cross C                   G The most perfect of strangers Am                    F Then the night closed in         C    G And the holy ground G            F Took care of everything C            G Now she was a fine one    

Tiga Lilly - Indian Summer Lyrics and Chords

INTRO F#       4x E   B    / VERSE 1 F#       E You will know     F#   E How I, I-I       F#           E am so free in your arms,   F#    E tonight I       F# am so free F#              E For everything I love           F# Don't you know                   E To everything you love                F# Let go of everything             E Into us you ride CHORUS F#     E B Let go of everything F#

Briaandchrissy - Take Me To Heaven Lyrics and Chords

Intro: (Am) Take me, take me, come on and take me Chorus: Am I've got you on my mind, everybody say in time F               G Take me, take me, take me to heaven Am I don't know where you came from, no All I know is where I'm going F               G Take me, take me, take me to heaven Verse Chrissy: Am Sexy girl better be willing I'm on the prowl, ready for a killing      F I'll show you a

Shafqat Amanat Ali - Jane Kyon - Sufi Version Lyrics and Chords

     D Jane kyon                    G Har lamha hai tham gaya       D Jaane kyun               G Hoon zara jum gaya       Em Jaane kyun                 A Aankhen namm si hui       Em Jaane kyun              A Manzilen kho gayi aur so gayi          D Tujh bin tanha hai yeh raatein     A Bin alphazon ke yeh baatein     Bm Bin baarish ki hai barsaatein         G Ab main jaanu kyun          D Tujh

Fureys - The Old Man Lyrics and Chords

    G                   C The tears have all been shed now       D                  G We've said our last good-byes     Am His soul's been blessed       A He's laid to rest                       G And it's now I feel alone                          C He was more than just a father    D                G A teacher, my best friend         Am He can still be heard         A In the tunes we shared

Damien Jurado - Tether Lyrics and Chords

C             F         C Come oh come, come away Heather C                      F             C    Who is the boy that you keep by your arm? C           F           C Drags a cat around by a tether C                       F            C Who is the boy that you keep by your arm? C               F            C I must say that he looks not familiar C                F               C    Is he a

Julie Anne San Jose - Kung Mababalik Ko Lang Lyrics and Chords

[Verse 1:] D A G A Di ko na kaya ito.. D A G A Magkunwaring wala lang ang lahat [Refrain:] D A G A Kung nagsabi lang ako sa’yo Di ka na sana nalito D A G A Sana lang ay nalaman mo Ang damdamin kong ito [Chorus:] D A G A Aking hiling mapasa’kin Dating matamis na pagtingin D A G A Nananalig Nananabik Sa tamis ng iyong halik D A G A Ngayon ay nag-iisa, nangungulila sinta.. D A G A Ang suyuan, ang

Qanda - Cinta Yang Sempurna Lyrics and Chords

INTRO : Bm F#m G F# Bm F#m G F# Bm setiap kata yang terungkap            A umpama alasan tak bernokta                  G mengapa dugaan melanda engkau                  F# dan aku setiap bicara kan layu Bm hilang dimana Selalu dicemar       A ungkapan yang berbisa tak sanggup               G lagi ku sengsara engkau dan aku              F# harapan agar terus bersama     G           F# dan ku tak

Austin Stone - Jesus Is Better Lyrics and Chords

C                  F There is no other, so sure and steady C                       F My hope is held in Your hand C                     F When castles crumble, and breath is fleeting C                     F Upon this rock I will stand Am7                   F Upon this rock I will stand F      C      Gsus       Am7 Glory, glory, we have no other king F         C       Gsus But Jesus Lord of all

Centro-Matic - The Pilots On The Wall Lyrics and Chords

D                           A Now you've got them on your wall and all, Bm                            G Now you've shoved out all the ones D                                    A The pilots hang their heads, they've had it all, Bm                     G shuffle boots upon the stars... D, A, Bm, G ahh ahh ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da-da sha, sha, sha, sha End on D

Zane Williams - Texas Like That Lyrics and Chords

                      D Well he makes his own bullets         G            D and he makes his own luck          G              D he makes hard work look easy      A            G in a worn out old truck     G             D He's 88 and still workin'      G             Bm till he breaks his back           D           A you can't tell him no different            G          D cause he's Texas like

Jason Aldean - Just Gettin Started Lyrics and Chords

Intro     Am          C     F           Dm     Am   C    F    G     Am       C         F         Dm             Am        C      F               G             Am Verse 1 Am           C                       F          Dm  I knew the minute that I picked you up it was gonna be a wild ride Am              C                       F            G  You kissed me like you couldn't get enough; barely

Centro-Matic - The Ballad Of Private Rifle Sound Lyrics and Chords

D Bm E G G A D                               Bm Any time when the days have got you down                            E               G And the smiles turn to the frowns - come on down     D                              Bm Any time that you're sick of rifle sounds                    E                G Of reelin' off the rounds - come on down, come on down     D                                  

Bert Sommer - The Road To Travel Lyrics and Chords

INTRO:  G VERSE:  G Here it is, it's summertime Em   Still I haven't felt my sign F                   C   And the years are over too  G since I'm gone  G                    And my daddy wonders why Em                        How I look and make him proud  F             C But I'll carry on his name  G            F    when he dies CHORUS: Em                      Bm            Though the years

Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl Lyrics and Chords

Intro   G G G G            G7        G            C                            C Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? E            E7   E       Am      Am D7   And if you did, was she crying, crying? G           G7        G            C                   C7         C Hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl that walked out on me Em              D    Tell

Ermy Kulit - Kasih Lyrics and Chords

Intro : Am E C F E Am E F E Am Malam ini Kasih          Dm Teringat aku padamu     Bm        E                 Am seakan kau hadir disisi menemaniku           Am         F kuyakinkan diri ini agar tiada sepi       B         Am       E kulewatkan hari didalam mimpiku      C        Am                    Dm Seandainya mungkin ku mampu terbang ke awan    Bm        E                     Am detik ini

Vencedores Por Cristo - Tua Vida Em Minha Vida Lyrics and Chords

Intro:  Db7M  Eb  F7M F      A7(b13) Bb7M  Dsus4 D7 Vem em mim rei-nar    Gm7    Gm/F   Eb7M Bb/C Em tudo o que eu sou F     A7(b13) Bb7M  Dsus4 D7 Te convido    já   Gm7  Gm/F  Eb7M  Bb/C  Dsus4 D7 A governar a minha vi---da.          Gm7      F/A Que meus atos e palavras        Bb7M       Dsus4 D7 Possam expressar amor          Gm7             F/A Que haja sempre em minha boca       Bb7M

Gemma Hayes - Wicked Game Acoustic Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Bm Bm  A  E  E4 E Verse: Bm                         A                    E        E4  E The world was on fire, and no one could save me but you Bm                       A                     E       E4  E It's strange what desire will make foolish people do Bm                   A                 E         E4  E I never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you Bm                   A

Nadira feat. Al Ghazali - Cinta Datang Dan Pergi Lyrics and Chords

Em          Am  jika jari ini pun terus D                 G      B  ingin menggenggam tanganmu Em           Am  jika bibir ini pun terus D              G     B  ingin mengecup bibirmu C           Am  jika raga ini pun terus B  memeluk mesra tubuhmu Gm          Cm  jika hati ini pun terus F              A#     D  memikirkan tentang kamu Gm          Cm  jika mata ini pun terus F                A#

Magnolia Electric Co - The Old Horizon Lyrics and Chords

E  G  D  A E Moon above the raging sea G Lightning to firefly D I built my life out of what was left of me A And a map of an old horizon E Arrow find my chestnut heart G Shadow for conjuring D Big black eyes to hide my secrets in A And the map of the old horizon E With this flag I surrender the crescent moon G With this death's head I hold the tear D And two black eyes to hide my secrets in A

Noemi - La Cura Lyrics and Chords

Intro   Cm   Gm   G#   D#   A#               Cm        Gm Ti proteggerò dalle paure delle ipocondrie, G#                                     D#                 A#    dai turbamenti che da oggi incontrerai per la tua via.              Cm                            Gm Dalle ingiustizie e dagli inganni del tuo tempo, G#                                           D#    dai fallimenti che per tua

The Agonist - The Perfect Embodiment Lyrics and Chords

Gm Bb D C Gm  Bb      D    C      Gm The mind cannot dominate       Bb     D     C     Gm When all my logic is erased.     Bb      D       C      Gm If you repeat the same mistakes.     Bb               D      C The soul will never alleviate . Gm               Eb     C    Gm    F Running against time to make ends meet.      D              Eb Arguments invalid. GM              Eb     C  Eb  F

Irene Skylakaki - Tonight Lyrics and Chords

Intro A Verse A                               E Tonight I want to sit alone and change                             D I want to turn that fucking page                    A and walk away from you                               E Tonight I want to see me as I am                         D grab a knife and cut my hand                  A so I can see the wound Chorus A               E Go away pain

Clash - Koka Kola Lyrics and Chords

VERSE 1:        G                        G              G                        Bm               A In the gleaming corridor of the 51st floor the money can be made if you really want some more G                     G                   G                         Bm            A Executive decision, a clinical precision, jumping from the windows, filled with indecision CHORUS:   G

Field Report - The Year Of The Get You Alone Lyrics and Chords

INTRO: D  Bm  D  Bm  Em  A  Em  A  D VERSE: D In the year of the Get You Alone             Bm I got you alone         D And I showed you that I’d been drinking                  Bm In a handful of words      Em The lecture landed all kinds of places              A Places with vistas of buckthorn and tamarack.          Em Can you measure remorse in invasive species?            A Will they hang